2021 Vaughn’s Jardin Gamay

One of the great joys of owning Sinapius has been witnessing the evolution of the property over the years.  Sometimes these changes happen gradually, so that you hardly notice, and at other times so suddenly that you need a minute to catch your breath.  A case in point was the day in September 2015 when I came home to find the front garden had been turned into a vineyard; a small block of Gamay, planted at 11,111 vines per hectare, suddenly sat picture-perfect in front of our home. Over the ensuing years Vaughn could often be found in his new ‘garden’, manicuring it within an inch of its life!

As for the fruit from this block, Vaughn always vinified it in a very traditional way; 100% whole cluster, carbonic maceration. This was inspired by his time in Beaujolais, one of his many passions.

Gazing out at the vines from my kitchen window, I sometimes wondered how it would perform if it were made like Pinot Noir ……

Like our beautiful Sinapius property, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and I find myself in the unanticipated position of sole responsibility over our wines.   It has been a fine balance continuing Vaughn’s work, but also knowing that he never stopped learning and evolving as a vigneron.  At the beginning of 2021, my first vintage, I knew I needed to let those hands of change reach gently out to our wines at some point.  With encouragement from my mentor Joe Holyman (“Linda, go for it!”) the Garden block felt like the right place to start.

So here it is – our Garden block Gamay; 100% destemmed, naturally fermented, pressed after 18 days on skins, matured in old French oak hogsheads, bottled unfined and unfiltered in January 2022.  It is a wine of depth, intensity, and texture, that I think still captures the lively fresh spirit of the Gamay grape.

Whilst I feel that I may have broken the rules, I think Vaughn would approve. I hope so.

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2021 Vaughn’s Jardin Gamay


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