Where does the name come from?

Sinapius is a family name from Linda’s ancestor, Isabella Sinapius. Her father migrated from Prussia in the early 1800s, originally settling in South Australia.

About Us

Sinapius (Sin-ay-pe-us) is located in the heart of the Pipers Brook wine region in Northern Tasmania, just above the banks of Pipers Brook on the popular Tamar Valley wine route. It is family-owned and operated by Linda Morice.

The original two-hectare vineyard was purchased by Linda and her late husband, Vaughn Dell, in 2005.

Both Linda and Vaughn were born and raised in Tasmania and met in their older teenage years. Their deep-seated love of their beautiful island paradise was like a magnet that eventually saw them return to Tasmania after spending several years living, studying and working in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, and Margaret River.

When Linda and Vaughn started Sinapius, there was one goal in mind. To produce the finest quality wine, with as little intervention as possible. That most of the work would take place in the vineyard – from planting, to nurturing, to maintaining, and finally harvesting. There would be no compromise. No cutting corners. It needed to be done right. Or not at all.

Vaughn’s vision for the vineyard expansion was specific and calculated. The hours studying and researching various grape varieties, and their clones, combined with specialised vineyard management techniques resulted in the uniquely planted vineyard that is on display when you drive up the road to visit the Sinapius cellar door.

Vaughn suddenly passed away at the age of 39, in May 2020. An undiagnosed heart condition left Linda and their two young daughters, Esmé and Clementine, to carry on the legacy that he and Linda had started.

A legacy of authenticity and bravery to do what no-one else would do. To have integrity and consistency in all you do. To stay true to yourself and persevere through adversity. With a quiet confidence that if you put in the hard work, it will pay off.

With Linda at the helm, Sinapius continues to be recognised among Tasmania’s finest wines. Linda and Vaughn’s efforts to build their decade-long foundations, application of knowledge and authenticity of values are evidence that hard work really does pay off.